Welcome to www.123kerala.com. 123kerala.com at present contains six channels, Kerala on the Net, Malayalee Homepages, Malayalam Publications, Kerala at a Glance, Kerala Recipes and Classifieds, with some more in line to be added later.

Kerala on the Net is a collection of almost all the important Kerala related sites on the Internet. We have often experienced that, in order to find a specific site on Kerala, one will have to surf the length and breadth of Internet and search through different search engines spending lot of our valuable time and money. On Kerala on the Net sites are categorised, updated regularly, and we hope it will be much easier for you to find a site on a specific topic.

Malayalee Homepages is a collection of homepages maintained by Malayalees all over the world. This site has exceeded all our expectations, and has already being linked to more than 800 Malayalee Homepages!

Malayalam Publications is linked to almost all the Malayalam Newspapers and Periodicals available on the Net.

In Kerala at a Glance you can see some breathtaking photographs of Kerala.

Kerala Recipes is a humble effort to bring to you some traditional Kerala recipes. In this page there is a provision for you to submit your own creations.

In the Classifieds section you can list your classifieds free of charge for a specified period.

The latest addition to the 123kerala.com channels is Chithram, which is an online Malayalam Cinema Magazine.

All in all, if you are a Keralite, this will be the only site you will have to bookmark on Kerala.

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