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Chilli Chicken


Chicken (boneless) - 500 gms
Soya Sauce - 2 tbsps
Egg - 1
Cornstarch - 1/2 cup
Garlic - 4 to 5 cloves
Green chillies - 2 to 3
Pepper power - 1 tsp
Salt - to taste
Oil - 1 tbsp and to fry
Red chillies whole - 4 to 6
Vinegar - 1 tbsp

Method of Preparation
Wash and dry chicken pieces and cut into one-inch sized cubes. Marinate in a mixture of one tablespoon soya sauce, salt, egg and one tablespoon cornstarch for 10 minutes. Peel and crush garlic finely. Remove stems, wash and chop green chillies finely.

Heat sufficient oil in a kadai and deep fry chicken in hot oil till light brown. Drain and keep aside.

Destern and break red chillies into two. Grind into a paste using vinegar. Keep aside. Heat one tablespoon oil in a wok. Add garlic and green chillies and stir fry for a few seconds. Add soya sauce and mix. Add black pepper power and red chilli paste. Add one cup water and stir. Add fried chicken pieces and mix well. Add rest of cornstarch after dissolving it in half cup of water, stir well.